Helping Kiwis and their whānau get the most out of their medical appointments.


Health TV plays in medical centres and hospital waiting rooms around the
country with the vision of having a major impact on patient’s lives, through health-related education.

This is built on the notion that patients are more receptive to receiving health information and acting immediately on it, at a time when they are waiting to see their health professional.

Over the last fifteen years this theory has been tested and evaluated through independent patient research, health programme case studies and GP surveys.

Key findings:

  1. Patients watch Health TV and tell us it’s a good way to learn about health and wellbeing
  2. Increases in patient generated inquiries about health services and programmes
  3. Increases in patient generated inquiries to online self-help services
  4. Increases in patient generated inquiries about general health questions

Customised Service

Health TV offers a customised content solution to medical centres and hospitals across NZ. For more information on this service and to discuss your clinics requirements contact us today.

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