Letters of Endorsement

We have had Health TV in our surgery for the 2 ½ years since we opened our new complex. It provides a most very valuable service to our patients. We have our own segments, which remind patients about keeping appointments and checking with reception after 15 minutes.
The health education programmes are informative and relevant. Patients then ask our staff about things they have seen.

It is extremely important that this service continue and urge Government and DHB’s to continue funding and supporting this initiative, long term. This will give stability to the organisation and enable it to give an even better service to the New Zealand Public.
The professional manner of all the Health TV staff is to be commended – their problems solving (very few!) and follow up service are excellent.
It is vital that they maintain their financial independence and do not have to go ‘cap in hand’ to a single major sponsor
(E.G. a pharmaceutical) to survive. This would lose much of the goodwill they currently have with Primary Care.
We sincerely hope that they will continue to operate and flourish for many years and hope you will see your way to enable this to happen.

Yours faithfully

John Issott, Practice Manager

We have had Health TV in our waiting area for about 18 months and have been thoroughly satisfied with the service and product.
In that time we have noticed patients have made fewer complaints about waiting times and have commented on the interesting content
of the documentaries.
I feel that Health TV is a valuable educational tool for our patients as it captures a perceptive audience and relays valuable information about chronic diseases, nutrition and health lifestyle.
From a health perspective, the content of the mini documentaries are of good quality, informative and interesting.
They are targeted well to our patient population.

Kind regards

Dr Peter Boyd, Director Kelston Medical Centre

Naenae Medical Centre has had Health TV installed in their waiting room for approx 2 years now.
Naenae Medical Centre has a high Maori Pacific Island patient base and we have been very aware how much these communities are very happy to sit and watch the information that appears on the screen. We feel that if the right data is shown it would be possible to raise awareness in these groups which would certainly benefit them and their families.
There are certain Government lead Health Screening projects that could be projected eg Mammograms and Breast Screening, Diabetic Awareness etc that lack certain ethnic groups being pro-active, and if these messages are portrayed when you have a ready audience then hopefully this could improve the outcomes from these.
We have been extremely pleased with Health TV and have had very positive feedback from patients.

Yours sincerely

Lynn Falconer, Practice Manager

As an early client, with over two years experience of your system, we have found the service and benefits of Health TV to be excellent.
Our patients are aware of the messages broadcast into the reception area; the vast majority can be seen watching the programmes and will often make positive comments to the front desk staff. Your programming provides important information to assist patient health and wellbeing.
In addition, the personalised segments that you have prepared at our request allow us to provide important information about operational aspects of our clinic. We certainly appreciate being able to communicate though this medium.
I have no hesitation in recommending Health TV to other medical and health providers. I hope coverage can be extended to other providers as it has already been shown to be a positive benefit in our setting.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Facer, General Manager

Health TV has been entertaining and educating our patients for a long time now whilst they wait for their consultations. I feel it’s a valued service and not only complements but adds value to the patients’ visit. It provides good quality health messages in a very positive and lively way. It has also helped alleviate patients’ and receptionists’ woes when doctors are running late.
Health TV’s directional speakers are truly remarkable allowing patients to enjoy the programs which include documentaries and music videos. The technology ensures non-interference with receptionists’ ability to answer phone calls and interacting with patients in person. Another benefit is that this helps safeguard privacy issues, too.
It has definitely made our waiting rooms livelier. I can’t wait for another connection in the second building’s waiting area.
I wish Health TV a long and rewarding future.

Kind regards

Akhil Gangoli, Practice Manager

We wish to give Health TV our full support in their endeavour to continue to provide their service to the general public via health agencies such as ours. We are medium-sized General Medical Practice with over 50% Maori patients. We have consistently heard positive feedback from our patients’ right from the time of having Health TV first installed. However, it has been our Maori population in particular who really seem to respond to the messages etc. coming through on Health TV.
The educational side of the material broadcast is very up-to-date and informative. It has been aimed to engage with a broad range of social groups and age ranges. I addition to the huge educational benefits, it also provides us a natural ‘sound screen’ which aids with such matters as patient privacy and confidentiality. Lastly, it keeps our ‘orderly’ than prior to Health TV. Patients are in general more accepting of occasional unavoidable while waiting to see a doctor.
We certainly hope that they manage to receive whatever funding is required to keep the service going as it would be a sad loss the both NZ as a whole and to the health sector if we were to lose this wonderful service.

Yours truly

Stephanie Jerusalem, Practice Manager

Team Medical has been fortunate to have had Health TV installed in both of our waiting areas for the past 2-3 years.
During this time we have had many patients comment to their doctors regarding the information shown an in some case has been useful in initiating discussions between doctors and patients that may have been overlooked or nor talked about.
During this time where there have been government/DHB driven initiatives Health TV have been an important part of informing patients of what is available to them i.e. Diabetes. Push Play, Fluvaccines etc.
This system is also helpful in practical ways as we are able to modify the programming to suit our hours of operation and also add reminders to patients of things like updating of personal records or simply making sure that they have ‘checked in’ with the reception team.
We have found that the directional speakers that have been placed overhead of the patient waiting area, have worked wonderfully as an invisible noise barrier which adds extra privacy for people presenting to our very busy reception area.
We look forward to continuing to use the service provided by Health TV in the future.

Yours sincerely

Jannine Lacey, Administration Manager

Waikanae Health Centre is happy to endorse the service your company has provided us over the last year or so. We are a large practice in Waikanae with a demographic of predominantly over 45yrs. Our patients are very interested in the health and lifestyle programmes they are able to watch while waiting to see the doctor in our waiting rooms. We have had many comments from patients in support of the programmes, and we are very happy to have our health promotion activities supported by the information being playing on the screens. These include for example exercise programmes, healthy eating, influenza vaccination, as well as lifestyle programmes on for example gardening and house decoration. Our patients are most interested in these programmes, and we believe that their health is improved by their maintaining these interests.
The service also fulfils a second requirement for us. Under the Privacy Act we are required to maintain confidentiality of all our dealings with patients. As an Accredited practice with the RNZCGP Cornerstone programme we are also required to achieve a good balance between our ability to observe the clinical condition of those waiting in the waiting room and the confidentiality of information being transferred at the front desk. The directional speakers over the heads of the waiting patients allow us to achieve this balance, providing auditory privacy to the reception area.
Health TV has certainly enhanced the service we can provide to our patients, and we look forward to a continued on-going relationship with you company.

Yours sincerely

Glenda Henshilwood, Practice Manager